Functional HDMI Splitter for Audio and Video Devices

The popularity of HDMI interface is growing more and more. It’s supported by many media appliances today, like DVD players, top boxes or PCs. In the nearest future, even more digital devices will feature the HDMI support. But it’s quite uncomfortable if you already have several of them – you have to turn off one cable and plug another one all the time. This is why we have HDMI splitters – they split the signal to numerous appliances and even amplify it contributing to better video and audio quality. There are many splitters on the market but if you’re looking for ultimate functionality, you might want to consider the HDMI Splitter 1×2/Audio Extractor from the company DotStone.


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Just by looking at the rear side of this device, you realize how many thing it can do. Most importantly, it is an audio and video splitter. Therefore, you have one input HDMI port and two output ports. Basically, you can connect one appliance to the splitter and transmit the signal to two other devices. For example, by plugging something like a laptop, a TV box, a gaming console or even a smartphone into the input port, you get the opportunity to watch video on two screens simultaneously. Basically, that’s what you see in department stores where countless TVs always show the same picture. But at your house, you can translate the video signal not only to TVS but computers or other laptops. Besides, the splitter supports everything from Full HD to 3D and 4K resolution, which means that even the most glorious imagery won’t lose its quality after being transmitted to other screens.

Functional HDMI Splitter for Audio and Video

Another side of this product is audio extracting. It allows two TVs or PCs to be connected to one HDMI source and extracts audio signal from it. Plus, there is a possibility for audio conversion – the original audio signal can be transformed into digital optical, coaxial or analog output. For that, there are three special ports on the back. An optical port brings you the best digital sound, especially if you connect power amplifiers to it. At the same time, an analog port is good for regular connection to a TV. The splitter is very multi-functional – it works with many formats including Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM and ARC.

Functional HDMI Splitter

Now, let’s mention other interesting features of this device. First off, it features one quite useful technology: there are 16 different EDID modes. Depending on the one you choose, you can significantly increase the compatibility between all devices that you split the signal to. As a result, you get perfect synchronisation between every connected appliance. There are no problems with audio or image quality and no signal loss. That way, you can enjoy top-class visuals and sound on multiple screens.
Functional HDMI Splitter for Audio and Video DevicesIn addition, there is no threat of any malfunctions between all connected devices. The 5V DC port is certified ensuring total protection and safety. That means that no electrical issues will harm your appliances. Plus, if you want to see that connection is steady, you just have to look at indicator lights. There are 5 of them: for ARC, 2 HDMI output ports, the input port and on/off indicator. All of them light up when a certain device is connected, so you’ll see if anything goes wrong.

Last but not least, we’d like to talk very briefly about installation. The splitter is quite compact, so you can put it literally anywhere, it doesn’t take too much space. Despite the fact that splitters have a quite complicated structure inside, they are very simple to use and install. This one is no exception. All you need is a couple (or three) HDMI cables to make the connection. If you need audio, digital or analog, you’ve already covered the ports necessary for this connection. In short, everything is quite easy and not at all time-consuming.
HDMI Splitter for Audio and Video Devices

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So, DotStone HDMI 1×2 Splitter/Audio Extractor is definitely one of the most functional products in its kind. It works with all sorts of appliances without any problems offering the support of various audio and video formats along with secure connection.

To learn more about the product or buy it, visit its Amazon page.

Functional HDMI Splitter for Audio

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