Best Towel Set for Travelers

If you’re a fan of outdoors activities, like traveling or hiking, or you’re into physical fitness and you go to the gym regularly, you always need all your clothes and equipment to be organized as well as possible. For example, travelers use backpacks for carrying all personal belongings. They are indeed comfortable but it’s sometimes difficult to organize all your stuff in order to fit everything in the pack. The same goes for fitness lovers – you don’t want towels or workout clothes to be lying in the bag with your other essentials. In both these cases, you require maximum space optimization and proper organizing. And the following product will help you with that, also adding comfort and versatility.
This is ZoiiSmart Microfiber Travel Towel Set.

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Towel Kit for Travelers

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This bundle for active, sporty people is presented by the company Zoii Smart. The set includes two super-cool towels, a laundry bag and a attractive gift box for the Set. Let’s look deeper into each one of these products.

We begin with the towels. As mentioned, there are two of them in the set. Obviously, they have different sizes: 48”x24” and 24”x12”. This means that they can be used for different purposes. What’s so special about these towels, you may ask? Actually, they are quite cool. Both of them are made of microfiber. This material is pretty functional – it makes the towels highly absorbent, fast drying and even anti-bacterial. And don’t forget that they are still soft and very comfortable.Best Towel Kit for Travelers

Basically, Zoii Smart products have everything you need in a towel, especially if you’re a keen traveler or a fitness enthusiast. They are extremely lightweight and easily foldable. That implies that even when folded, the towels don’t take much space in a bag or a backpack. After a particularly arduous hike or a post-workout shower, you can rely on these towels because they will absorb all moisture on the body and won’t smell afterwards. In fact, the towels come in two small mesh bags with attached loops for hanging them on a rack or a backpack.

By the way, the towels are much more versatile than that. They are also quite helpful if you go to the beach or a picnic – you can lay out one towel and use it for sitting and putting all your other stuff. Even if you’re planning a walk in the park and you get tired, you can pull out your towel, spread it on the ground and have a little rest. And one more very specific thing – because the towels are super-absorbent, they can suit well to women with long curly hair who are trying to follow the latest trend of drying their hair naturally, without a hair dryer. Microfiber has the ability to take all the moisture and bring your hair to the perfect damp.


But what if your towels didn’t fit in a backpack or you require a smaller carrying bag? That’s why the set also includes a special mesh laundry bag. That’s where your towels can be stores comfortably. Apart from that, the bag provides enough space for your clothes where you can separate clean outfits from dirty ones. Well, that’s why it’s called “laundry bag”. The open, mesh design allows even the wettest clothes to dry really fast.

The laundry bag is an excellent companion for any active person. When camping or traveling, this is where you can keep all your used clothes. Besides, it’s compact and even has a hanging loop for hooking it up outside your bag or backpack. This is also a fantastic fitness accessory – the towels and workout clothes easily fit in the bag where they can all dry after the training.
One interesting fact – the whole set comes in a nice-looking box. So, if you have any traveling or fitness-loving friends, you know what to give them as a gift.

To sum it up, Zoiismart Microfiber Travel Towel Set from Zoii Smart a must-have for any active person. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to buy it. As a bonus, you will get a self-stick card wallet. This small pocket can be attached to your smartphone and used for carrying credit cards, ID, and so on.
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