About Nextbit Robin Cloud Smartphone

Razer doesn’t only produce peripheral devices for gamers anymore – the company is now developing in various directions. We’ve heard about their Razer Blade laptop but the company may have something even more interesting planned for the future. That’s why Razer has just bought a mobile device company Nextbit. The deal was closed only a few days ago but both sides had already come to an agreement beforehand.

In 2015, Nextbit was the first brand to introduce a cloud smartphone Robin. Its main feature was obviously the ability to store all files in the cloud instead of the internal memory. This is why Nextbit gives a lot of opportunities for Razer. Its representatives said that Nextbit is one of the most interesting companies on the smartphone market and its technologies may help Razer in bringing innovations to their laptops, peripherals and possibly mobile devices.

Razer Bought Nextbit

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As for the position of Nextbit, it will remain completely independent with the same management, staff and location. Tom Moss, CEO of Nextbit, added that the company will keep on pushing boundaries and making unique mobile devices. Moss didn’t provide any comments about future plans of Nextbit but we might expect something innovative in a couple of years.

In any case, this is already the second acquisition for Razer in the last few months following the purchase of the audio brand THX. Apparently, Razer has a lot of plans, so time will show us what they are up to.

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