USB-C Power Meter Gadget Protects Your Mobile Devices

Fake charging cables is one of the most important problems for many technology companies and their customers. Some cables draw too much power, others are poorly made but the result is always the same – catching fire, explosion, damaged devices and risk to user’s health. Thankfully, there’s a new accessory that could minimize this threat and ensure safe and steady charging.

Satechi released their USB-C Power Meter for all USB Type-C integrated devices whether it’s a MacBook or a smartphone. On the outside, it looks like a small flash drive. Basically, it’s a bridge between a charging cable and a charging port. When installed, the gadget measures voltage and current that goes to and from your mobile devices. Plus, it measures wattage and milliamp hours as well.

Satechi USB power

Power Meter has a little display which demonstrates all numbers. That way, users have a chance to see them, check them with required figures and control them during charging. Knowing that everything is all right will certainly calm some users down.

Satechi USB-C Power Meter is a compact safety device that wouldn’t probably appeal to everybody. However, cautious customers, who want to know if their new charging cable works appropriately, would definitely appreciate this accessory. For these people, Satechi Power Meter is available for $30.

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