Smartphone with Futuristic Design

Smartphones used to be very different from one another at first. Now, despite the diversity of mobile device brands, they are pretty much the same. That’s why people keep fantasizing about the future of smartphones and how they will look like.

Smartphone with Futuristic Design

For example, designers Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet created their concept of “smartphone of the future” and the word “innovative” doesn’t even begin to describe it. The concept with the name Alo is radically different from anything else. All the electrical components are cased into the aluminium core which is covered with elastic and translucent material.
Altogether, the smartphone looks like a shiny “dragon tooth”. By the way, the device is completely invulnerable to physical damage because the exterior material has the ability to repair by itself.

The device obviously doesn’t have a display or buttons. Users will have to control this smartphone with voice commands. To display graphic information, Alo will create 3D holograms – this will be a new way for watching videos or photos. For back communication with the user, Alo will utilize vibrations and temperature changes.

Starck is already planning to start the mass production of Alo. However, it’s still hard to predict the date for this start, so we’ll have to wait for more follow-ups.

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