YotaPhone 3, Unique YOTA 3 Smartphone

Despite the diversity of brands on the smartphone market, it’s hard to find a really unique device. Apparently, that’s what the company Yota thought and released in 2013 their first YotaPhone. Obviously, everyone noticed the main feature of the phone – two touchscreen displays on each side. Unsurprisingly, Yota followed it up with the second edition, called YotaPhone 2. And this is the object of our interest today.

We begin with the central distinction of YotaPhone 3 – two displays. On the front there is a 5-inch AMOLED display with a pretty high resolution – 1920×1080. On the back we have a curved, E-Ink display. This one shows all kinds of things including time, weather, and so on. It’s actually really helpful meaning that you don’t even have to turn on your smartphone to check the time or read a text. Plus, the E-Ink display can be easily used for reading.

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The interface is very user-friendly. There is Android 5.0 OS and a few standard apps which allow you to control the information displayed on the E-Ink screen. As for software, it’s quite decent. There are Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB RAM. As a result, Yotaphone 2 works smoothly with simple apps but still gets too hot and “slows down” a bit when playing video or games.

Another disadvantage is camera. Of course, it’s not really a disadvantage but it could and should have been better. 8MP is good for simple shots but there are issues with quality. So, keep in mind that this isn’t the best camera phone.

In general, YotaPhone 2 is a pretty unique take on modern smartphones. The device is popular in some countries including the most densely populated one – China. As we know, Yota holding sold part of share to a Hong Kong company “REX Global Entertainment Holdings” which popularizes YotaPhones in China. Rumour has it that among them will be a new YotaPhone 3 and YotaPhone 3 Plus.

It would be great to see some accompanying accessories for it, for example, a case which illuminates the E-Ink display. If a case like this comes out, it will be a great addition to a YotaPhone smartphone.

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2 Comments on YotaPhone 3, Unique YOTA 3 Smartphone

  1. Gordon // 29.01.2017 at 04:53 // Reply

    You mistake. To China was sold 30% of shares. Russia has 70% of the shares. This is a Russian smartphone.


  2. Richard // 29.01.2017 at 12:00 // Reply

    According to Russian sources («RBC NEWS», «kommersant» magazine) and HKexnews , the REX Global Entertainment Holdings planned to buy 64.9% of YotaPhone shares in October 2015, but for some reason the final decision has been changed.
    We decided not write about exact percentage of the deal as it is commercial information, which might change any time.
    And we will be glad if you could contact us by email directly to provide more information, that can help to provide more detailed information.



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