Dell Chromebook 11 Perfect Laptop for Students

It’s fair to say that today almost every classroom in most universities is filled with students vigorously typing lectures on their laptops. That’s true, laptops have become an inherent part of education process all over the world, used by both teachers and students. And of course, there is a question – which one to choose? While people discuss latest MacBooks or Windows laptops, in this review we want to suggest an interesting alternative – Dell Chromebook 11.

This Chrome OS laptop has everything to withstand daily use and satisfy every need. First off, it has a sturdy construction. Dell even says that Chromebook 11 passed military-grade tests for durability, shock absorbance, and so on. The body is wrapped in a plastic case while all edges have extra rubber protection on them. In addition, the keyboard and trackpad are both completely water-resistant. All of that ensures 100% safety even if you’re a really clumsy user.
Next advantage of Dell Chromebook 11 is its portability. It isn’t the lightest device on the market but with the weight of 1.2kg it can be carried for a whole day without making your back ache.

Perfect Laptop for Students

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In terms of specs, everything is standard but efficient. 11.6-inch HD display delivers good picture, Intel Celeron processor along with ChromeOS contribute to fast functionality and 16GB SSD is quite enough considering that most of activities on a Chromebook are done through the cloud. Also, there are plenty of connectors on board: HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 2 memory card readers and a headphone jack. By the way, there is one feature that most students would certainly appreciate – stereo speakers. They are pretty loud, so you can use sound effects during project presentations or just play music from them.

Last but not least, the battery. Dell Chromebook 11 provides any student with all-day working opportunities with its 10-hour battery time. That means that you don’t even have to charge it during breaks between lectures.

So, if you’re going to college or university soon and you’re buried in thought which laptop to buy, Dell Chromebook might be the one for you. With its extreme durability, portability and long battery time, this is the ultimate student companion.

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