Top 5 Luxury Headphones, review 2

Headphones isn’t the kind of accessory that should cost a lot of money. However, some people like to buy an expensive device for various reasons: to enjoy sublime music quality or just show off. In fact, in our previous article about luxury headphones we covered 5 devices with premium looks, top-notch sound and super-high prices. The thing is, there are so many headphones in this category and we just couldn’t include them all in the list. That’s why we came up with another top 5 luxury headphones.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100. Let’s start immediately with the price – it’s $40.000. There are much cheaper versions of these headphones but they don’t have one thing – 3D-printed shields that cover the speakers from outside. They can be printed from various metals including gold, silver and even platinum. That’s where the most of the price comes from. Aside from that, this is a pair of solid headphones with maximum durability, versatility and top-notch music characteristics.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100

Abyss – AB-1266. On the outside these headphones may seem a bit retro-like. Its aluminium construction resembles devices from sci-fi movies. But you’ll forget everything about their looks once you hear them in action. Abyss – AB-1266 was designed for maximum audio performance based on a patented planar magnetic transducer design with a super-thin diaphragm. The dynamics provide amazing, even incomparable detail in every tune. Abyss – AB-1266 is available for $5.495.

Abyss – AB-1266

Final Sonorus X. The first thing you get in these headphones is a one-of-a-kind design. High-quality leather for earpads and gold-plated, aluminium earcups come in a special wooden box lined with fur. Basically, it’s like a treasure in a chest. Obviously, Final Sonorus X boasts remarkable sound. There is a 50mm titanium driver, integrated into the front plate. It provides wide frequency range and depth at every level.
Available for $4.999.

Final Sonorus X

Onkyo H900M. Now, we’re coming at ultimate luxury. The cosmic price of $85.000 is easily explainable – the earcups are covered with 20-carat diamonds. Plus, you won’t confuse the left earcup with the right one, as the latter has a ring of red rubies on it. Sure, there’s also stainless still and high-aluminium but who cares when it has diamonds and rubies! Naturally, these headphones aren’t mass produced – they can be ordered and then hand-made just for you.

Onkyo H900M

Tournaire Focal Utopia. Another pair of headphones with jewellery on them. Presented at CES 2017, these $120.000 cans are a serious contender for the title of the most expensive headphones. Focal Utopia’s earcups were hand-crafted using 18-carat gold with 6-carat diamonds. But these headphones aren’t just about their exquisite design. Tournaire is famous for using a full-range speaker in headphones for the first time. That device came out in summer of 2016 and the super-expensive, golden version also inherited this technology.

Tournaire Focal Utopia

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