Best Selling Powerful MSI Titan Pro Gaming Laptop

Have you ever dreamt about laptops so powerful that they could replace regular desktop computers? To be honest, that’s not a very widespread thought because such laptops wouldn’t in a big demand. The only group of people, who would be interested in it, is gamers. However, this is one mighty group. Actually, many tech companies make products just for gamers. So, they will certainly be thrilled about next device – MSI GT73VR Titan Pro laptop.

This laptop is a dream come true for any gamer. Just by the look of it you can say that Titan Pro means business. The laptop has a solid, metal construction and transformer-like design. The gaming magic begins with a display – 17.3 inches, 1920×1080 resolution and, most importantly, refresh rate of 120Hz. The latter means that the screen is able to change image 120 times per second. Regular laptops and even some TVs can only do 60. This, of course, results in smoother animation which is essential for gamers.

MSI GT73VR TITAN-427 17.3″ 120Hz 5ms Display
Extreme Gaming Laptop

Powerful MSI Titan Pro Laptop

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Now, let’s talk performance. In this department, Titan Pro shines the brightest. The laptop shows great results at all benchmark tests. All of this power comes from magnificent software: Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card 64GB RAM and 1TB of SSD.

Titan Pro includes a few more cool features, for example, a backlit and also very responsive keyboard or multiple connectivity options, like Thunderbolt 3, 5 USB Type-A ports, an SD-port, HDMI, headphone jack, and so on. In short, it has everything that you normally get on a desktop computer.

There are, however, a couple of problems. The first one is battery time. Apparently, the battery can’t handle all that power – it lasts for about 2 hours. So always keep your charging cable in sight. The second problem is portability or, in this case, the lack of portability. It weighs 4kg, so you wouldn’t carry this thing with you.

Aside from these issues, MSI GT73VR Titan Pro is a true powerhouse. It will be a treasure for gamers and a great replacement of a desktop PC for regular users. Obviously, it has quite a price tag – about $2000. But if you’re willing to spend that money on Titan Pro, you won’t regret it.

MSI Titan Pro Laptop

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