Microsoft Will Replace Paper with E-Ink Displays

Despite the fact that we live in a time of digital technologies, we still use huge amounts of paper. People, who work in offices, have to deal with a lot of paperwork. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine our society without paper information media. However, Microsoft may have a hi-tech solution to this problem.

The Redmond company plans to eliminate the need for paper by introducing E-Ink displays. According to the corresponding patent, such displays could be recycled and used multiple times, which will result in much lower paper usage. Unfortunately, E-Ink are now expensive, definitely much more expensive than paper. Plus, they don’t have the same flexibility which limits their application range.

Microsoft Will Replace Paper with E-Ink Displays

But the patent contains optimistic information – Microsoft will get rid of all batteries and other components on e-ink displays. Without any electronics, this will be basically a foldable piece of “E-paper”. And that’s exactly what Microsoft wants to make.

Obviously, the company will have to come up with new printers for a new type of paper. The same patent says that these hi-tech printers will use electric fields instead of regular ink for “printing” information on E-Ink displays.

Obviously, this technology isn’t coming out in a couple of months, maybe not even a couple of years. But if Microsoft finally manages to fulfil their plans, it will be fantastic.

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