Microsoft Is Taking On E-Book Market

Most global companies have their own mobile book services. Apple has iBooks for iOS and macOS devices, Google is obviously more concentrated on Android products and Amazon has a very popular Kindle store, available through special hardware and a smartphone app. But soon, we may see another player on this scene – Microsoft.

Apparently, the company will launch their own online book service. In April, all Windows 10 users will have access to the so-called Creators Update which will feature a “virtual library” addition to the current Microsoft media store. According to the website MSPoweUSer, all e-books will be available in the EPUB format. Obviously, everyone, who has a Windows PC, laptop or a smartphone will be able to access the whole library. The prices won’t differ much from other e-book services, as publishers are really strict about these matters now.

Microsoft Is Taking On E-Book Market

Microsoft’s decision to enter the e-book market may stem from the fact that the whole market isn’t having the best time. Traditional leaders, like Amazon Kindle, are selling fewer e-books. In fact, the whole amount of sales in first seven months of 2016 decreased by 19% in comparison with 2015. Other companies, like Apple or Google, are focused on their own mobile devices. Therefore, Microsoft has a serious chance to conquer this market. At least, Windows users will be totally excited about a new e-book store.

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