AirPods Didn’t Actually Take the Biggest Market Share

Wireless Apple headphones AirPods were without a doubt one of the main novelties of 2016. However, their release was a story of endless delays and apologies from Apple representatives. 2 months after the announcement, they were finally launched. Despite the Tim Cook’s words about their remarkable success, it was hard expect great results from AirPods. Nonetheless, according to the consulting company Slice Intelligence, AirPods have taken 26% of the market after their release. Unfortunately, this information may not be entirely correct.

Apple AirPods Release Date

It turns out that AirPods weren’t really a huge best-seller. Experts from the market research company NPD published their analysis. It says that AirPods take only 2% of sales on the wireless headphones market. Apparently, the information from Slice Intelligence was a one-time, non-recurrent result. Plus, it was evidently based on predicted sales income for Apple instead of real-time profit. A more thorough analysis from NPD demonstrated more believable results. However, Apple shouldn’t be very disappointed because the biggest market share belongs to Beats (25%) which is owned by Apple.

So, we must admit that AirPods are far from perfect – the headphones still need improvement and it will probably take a long time to redo all the flaws. Let’s hope that Apple knows what to do. After all, they always managed to do something surprising and even outrageous.

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