Quad Lock Bike Mount Cycling Accessory Kit for Smartphones

Any cycling enthusiast will agree on this – it’s very uncomfortable if you’re riding on a bike and someone suddenly calls you. You have to stop, pull your smartphone out and answer the call. The same thing happens if you’re following a map – it’s quite hard to hold a phone in one hand and drive the bike with the other. That’s why there special mount for bikes and one of the best is Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit. Let’s look at it closer.

The company Quad Lock really loves iPhone users – it offers special kits for every model starting from iPhone 5. However, we’re going to focus on the universal kit, which obviously means that it applies to any smartphone.

The kit consists of many items – an adhesive adapter, the mount itself, 2 large O-rings, 2 small O-rings and 2 zip toes. Let’s find out how it works. First, the adhesive adapter (a small, rounded sticker) is attached on the back side of your smartphone. As mentioned before, it’s universal, so it attaches to any device. Just make sure that your smartphone doesn’t wear silicon or TPU cases, it must be “naked”.

Cycling Accessory Kit for Phones

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After that, you have to install the mount on the bike. Quad Lock mount is one of the strongest and safest accessories for a biker. It uses a special, patented dual-stage locking mechanism which ensures that your smartphone won’t fall even if you run over a hump or hit a tree. The installation is made with O-rings or tip toes on the handlebars of your bike. And the last thing is just attaching your smartphone to the mount. So here you go, the display is always in your sight. You can easily answer any call or navigate through a city using Google Maps or GPS.

Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit is a must-have mobile accessory bundle for any cycling fan. Keep your smartphone just below your eyes and you’ll have access to many useful functions that could make bike riding even more fun.

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