Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch

Garmin is one the most recognizable smartwatch brand on the market. The company has a lot of devices available for people with different needs and preferences. Those, who look for style in their accessories, should definitely go for Vivomove but if you’re more interested in sports and activity tracking, Garmin offers Vivoactive HR smartwatch.

This device is the ultimate fitness accessory. Equipped with a touchscreen, high-resolution display, Vivoactive HR packs the whole bunch useful features. First off, it has GPS which lets you be aware of your location and helps you draw up routes for running or cycling. Besides, this smartwatch is fitted with a heart rate monitor. Due to Elevate technology you can easily measure your heart rate from your wrist. Based on this data, Vivoactive HR counts how many calories you’ve burned and determines the intensity of your workouts, so you could estimate your own efforts.

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Obviously, Vivoactive HR is a must-have device for any fitness lover. It can be used during running, cycling, swimming (totally waterproof), golf, skiing, and so on. Special apps on the watch and GPS track your results and transmit it to your smartphone. There, using Garmin Connect app, you’ll have access to all health and fitness information. Plus, the app serves as your personal coach – it gives you motivational advice and recommendations for your trainings. Coming back to fitness features, we should also say that that Vivoactive HR keeps track of all your activities day and night. It counts steps, measures distance and also tracks your sleep and detects any problems during the night.

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget about battery time. In this Garmin smartwatch there’s a lot of it – a single charge gives you 8 days of usage.

To sum it up, Garmin Vivoactive HR is the embodiment of a sports smartwatch. It has everything you need in terms of activity tracking whether you’re a runner, swimmer or a rower.

Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch

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