Cisor Portable Travel Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

A startupper James Talbot from Great Britain created a compact and quite unusual Bluetooth speaker, called Cisor. The main its peculiarity is the fact that it has no cone. The device has already collected required amount of money (actually, 7 times more) on Indiegogo and ready to come out.

Talbot himself says that this is smallest, cone-free speaker in the world. Instead, Cisor works on the Damson’s Incisor Diffusion Technology. The Cisor Wireless Speaker, made of anodized aluminium, generates vibrations on the surface, on which it’s placed, serves as a resonator and diffuses sound. Here is the interesting part – Cisor can actually be installed on any surface, even on the window. As various surfaces resonate differently and, as a result, give off different sound, users will be able to experiment looking for a perfect place for the speaker.

Cisor Wireless Speaker

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Usually, it’s metal, glass or wood. By the way, the bigger and wider the surface is, the richer is the sound. Cisor frequency range is quite broad – from 30Hz to 15KHz. In addition, Cisor is one of the simplest speakers on the market. After connecting to a smartphone or tablet, users will have to twist the top switch on the speaker, place it on any surface and enjoy. Cisor battery lasts for about 6 hours of audio playback. After that, it can be recharged via a built-in USB-C port.

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