Best Selling Compact Yamaha MusicCast Wireless Speaker

When choosing a wireless speaker, we usually pay attention to sound and design. When these two components are added together, you always get a top-class product. But some devices can bring a bit more functionality to the picture. So, for this review a speaker just like that. This is a product from a world-famous music and audio electronics company Yamaha, called Yamaha Bluetooth MusicCast Wireless Speaker.


Created by people who know a thing or two about music, Yamaha TSX-B15 is really a catch for everyone. First and foremost, it has very elegant design – it’s a quite compact, circular device with a shiny, moulded body. TSX-B15 will lighten up any room of your house and certainly attract attention.

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Yamaha Wireless Speaker

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The speaker is connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, so you can blast your favourite songs at any time. Plus, it will definitely impress you with its sound performance. TSX-B15 is equipped with two 5cm full range speakers which produce a deep and very vivid sound. It’s especially good at higher volumes – that’s when the speaker comes into its comfort zone. Any music fans will love the richness of bass and clarity of every note.

Yamaha Wireless Speaker 2

Furthermore, TSX-B15 is packed with a few helpful features. It can be used as a dock or a charger for your smartphone and tablet. You can just dock you phone on the controlling panel, and turn up the music. For charging, there’s an integrated USB port. Besides, TSX-B15 is your personal radio station and alarm clock. That way, you can wake up every day to a sound of your beloved song or some radio announcements if you like that kind of thing.

Anyway, Yamaha TSX-B15 is definitely an option to think about if you’re searching for a wireless speaker. It has everything you need, it’s very compact and, most importantly, not at all pricey.

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