Wireless Charging Station for Mobile Devices

Wireless charging is one of those innovations that we all anticipate eagerly. Scientists offer many various technologies for to put this idea into practice. However, there are still few interesting options on the market. But one of them is likely to come out pretty soon – it is Cota charging station from the company Ossia.

Cota consists of two elements: a transmitter and a receiver. Right now, receivers are made as smartphone cases but in the future it will be possible to build them into mobile devices. Plus, users will have to download an official Ossia app which allows you to control the settings and know how charging goes for each connected device.

The transmitter is a cylindrical “tower” that looks very much like Apple Mac Pro. Inside of it, there are hundreds of one-directional antennas. The system monitors the environment, looks for signal from mobile devices, locates it and then sends radio waves to it with the frequency of 100 times per second. The reaching distance of the transmitter is 9m. That way, users will be able to walk around their houses and their smartphones will still be charged.

Cota charging station can charge up to 32 different devices at the same time including not only smartphones and tablets but remote controls, cameras and special Ossia-made batteries. Cota is coming out in Q1 of 2017. The release date and prices are still unknown but we expect to get this information soon.
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