New Web Browser from Opera

What do people look for in a web browser? It should work fast, look nice and have convenient and simple controls. There’s not much to add to that list, as web browsers haven’t changed drastically in recent years without bringing any major innovations. However, a big change is coming from one of the market’s leaders.

Opera presented a test version of a new and very interesting browser, Called Neon. The working principle is simple yet quite curious. Unlike its analogues, Neon doesn’t have any well-defined frames. It appears on the desktop out of nowhere, looks basically invisible and eliminates the “boundary” between the desktop and World Wide Web. This innovative effect leaves quite an impression.

New Web Browser from Opera

Another peculiar feature is tabs. In Neon they are rounded icons, familiar to Apple Watch users. Tabs will be located in a special area on the right increasing usability. According to Opera’s representatives, tabs, pages other objects will be responsive, as if they were “alive”. In addition, Neon has a useful Split View mode – it can support several monitors and has a built-in screenshot editor which allows users to capture images from the screen in seconds.

The test version for Windows and macOS can already be downloaded for free from official OPERA webpage. Manufacturers say that Neon is the future of web browsers, so we’ll see how things work out for Opera and their creation.

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