Speaker that Helps You Fall Asleep


Insomnia isn’t a rare problem. A lot of people suffer because they can’t go to sleep on time. This problem also applies to hyper-active kids who find it difficult to relax. But instead of taking pills, you might actually get help from technology devices, like our next product – iHome Zenergy Portable Sleep Therapy Speaker.

Yes, your eyes don’t fool you – this multifunctional device can help fall asleep faster. In fact, this little product is recommended by other doctors, including one of the most trusted authorities on sleep Michael Breus. But what do you need to fall asleep like a baby? First of all, a relaxing melody. IHome Zenergy has a Sound Therapy feature providing you with 6 different choices, like Storm, Ocean, Nature and others. Another important aspect is lighting. Here, the speaker has also a lot to offer. There are 6 Light Therapy modes, from spinning rainbows of Aurora to quick colour changes of Flash. All of these features can help you totally relax, forget about everything and just go in the arms of Morpheus.

Obviously, iHome Zenergy is a smart device, so it’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With an accompanying app, you’ll be able to wirelessly adjust settings according to your preferences. You can also put a sleep timer – at a certain hour it will gradually dim the light and turn down the volume. After that, nothing will disturb your sleep.

Besides, don’t forget that this device is a speaker. It means that you can easily stream your favourite tunes from a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-equipped devices. The quality, of course, isn’t premium but it’s quite enough for home usage.
To sum it up, iHome Zenergy is a pretty peculiar little item with some amazing functionality. If you have any sleep problems, you should definitely give it a try. There’s one very solid reason – it’s medically approved.

iHome Zenergy Portable Sleep Therapy Speaker

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