Samsung Will Present Own Voice Assistant

Despite being one of the most famous mobile device makers and the main Apple’s competitor, Samsung still doesn’t have an own voice assistant. But apparently, this may change very soon. According to the recent information, the Korean company will present their rendition of Siri or Cortana already in 2017.

The information came from the blog SamMobile. It published a screenshot from Samsung Pay interface for the new and highly anticipated Galaxy S8 smartphone. The interface on the picture includes three sections: Shopping, Mini and Bixby. According to the same blog, the latter may actually be the name of Samsung virtual voice helper which will be unveiled later this year.

From the look of it, at the beginning the technology will be developed and used in Samsung Pay. However, it may soon spread to the whole range of the company including smartphones, tablets and even consumer electronics devices. So, this hypothetical novelty from Samsung may be compared with Amazon Alexa or voice smart-home technology from Google.

We remind our readers that Samsung bought the AI platform Viv three months ago, which may not be a simple coincidence. In any case, it’s quite interesting what Samsung is planning to do.

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