Smart Shoes for Tech-Loving Women

Technology advancements truly have no limits – the French company Zhor-Tech introduced two pairs of unique smart high heel shoes, called Digitsole. The product is obviously oriented towards women who may get more interested in technology.

Digitsole shoes are available in two versions: one pair with self-adjusting heel and the other with heated insoles. Both models don’t really look very much fancy but manufacturers focused mostly on technical stuff. Digitsole high heels are connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth. Of course, there is an accompanying app which allows users to control settings and access various data. For example, as the shoes are able to track activity, users will see how many steps they’ve taken or how much distance they’ve travelled.

As mentioned, the app also lets you control different settings, depending on the model you have. For the heated version, the owner can regulate the temperature of insoles with only a smartphone. The same goes for self-adjusting shoes – the height of the heel ranges from 1.7 to 3.1 inches and users may regulate the height according to their preferences. And the only thing necessary for that is a smartphone.

There is, though, one inconvenience – the shoes have to be charged every four days. By the way, the heated model can be charged wirelessly.

Digitsole shoes can be pre-ordered for $299. The company says that the shipping will start in 2017 but when exactly is still unknown.
TO get the more information, visit:

Smart Shoes for Tech-Loving Women

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