New RunIQ Smartwatch Promo Discount Deal

Right now, almost every company, especially the ones close to sports, should have at least one smart product in their range. For example, New Balance, the brand more famous for sports clothes and sneakers, is trying to enter another market – smartwatches. During CES 2017, the company unveiled their new device, called RunIQ.

This smartwatch is a perfect companion for athletes and especially runners. It doesn’t have a particularly fashionable design. Instead, it focuses on the technical side. RunIQ is fitted with GPS and software from Strava, the company that has a lot of experience in technology for sports and fitness. Also, users will have access to other basic apps, as the smartwatch runs on Android Wear. And it’s nice to see water resistance as one of its main characteristics.

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RunIQ has other features that would be very helpful for runners. It’s equipped with a heart rate monitor which allows you to watch over your health data in real time and keep it in safe limits. The watch also does basic stuff, like            counting steps, measuring distance, pace or cadence if you’re a cyclist. Obviously, all the information is displayed in the accompanying app, available for iOS and Android smartphones. Plus, RunIQ provides users with an opportunity to enjoy running with music. The only thing necessary is wireless headphones and you’ll be able to run listening to your favourite tunes.

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1 Comment on New RunIQ Smartwatch Promo Discount Deal

  1. Megan Davis // 17.04.2017 at 08:08 // Reply

    Nice smartwatch. Great for outdoors especially for runners like me.


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