Basslet Gadget for Club Music Fans

When you’re in a club or at a party, the music is usually so loud that you can feel it with your body. The new gadget, called The Basslet, helps recreate the same feelings and atmosphere when listening to music even on a regular day. The fundraising programme on Kickstarter has ended successfully in summer, and now visitors of CES 2017 were able to see this device with their own eyes.

The Basslet is a small, flat and quite stylish wearable for Club Music Fans that can be mistaken for a regular watch. The only difference is that it doesn’t show time. Instead, it’s fitted with vibrating motor which imitates the beat from club music. To activate the device, you’ll need to connect the headphones to smartphone or music player with a special adapter. This adapter is wirelessly connected with The Basslet. That way, it knows in which rhythm it should vibrate going along with the certain music.

Operating The Basslet is easy – it has only two buttons which control vibration intensity. The same buttons are also used as magnetic contacts for charging the gadget. One single charge is enough for up to 12 hours of audio playback depending on how intense the vibrations are. Besides, this gadget is compatible with any sound source including smartphones, tablets or music players.



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