Smartphone with Molecular Sensor

Among various smartphones, unveiled at CES 2017, there are truly innovative mobile devices. One of them is Changhong H2 – the first smartphone, fitted with a molecular sensor. According to PhoneArena, the device is able to tell genuine medicine, jewellery or other items from fake ones by analysing their molecular composition.

The sensor in Changhong H2 works on the basis of infra-red spectroscopy. It directs a ray of light at any object, receives the material spectre and recognizes its composition on molecular level. The smartphone can be used for various purposes. The sensor can easily identify a fake material or product. Plus, users of Changhong H2 can learn contents of any food item. For example, you can analyse different fruit and choose those, which have the most vitamins and the least “harmful” matters. Also, the sensor is able to determine body fat percentage – a useful feature for athletes and people who try to lose weight. There are already a lot of special apps for this smartphone – for analysing medicine, nutrition products or valuable metals. A this list will get wider.

Apart from the molecular sensor, Changhong H2 has other impressive characteristics: 6-inch Full HD display, octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 16 MP camera with autofocus, fingerprint sensor, and so on. Changhong H2 will come out in China in early 2017 for around $400. By the end of the year, it will most certainly appear in other countries.

Smartphone with Molecular Sensor

Smartphone with Molecular Sensor

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