Smart Self-Adjusting Bed – Maximum Sleep Comfort

CES 2017 brought us a lot of unusual inventions, from triple-screen laptops to smart hair brushes. Among these peculiar innovations, there was another product that drew a lot of attention from the show’s visitors. The company Sleep Number introduced their new smart bed – 360 bed.

This furniture item is called smart for a reason. The bed is equipped with various features for maximum comfort of the user. The 360 is self-adjusting: it recognizes the owner’s sleep position and adjusts accordingly. The bed consists of 3 layers which contribute to this self-adjustment process. At the bottom there are mechanics for moving the owner up and down; then goes the air chamber – that’s exactly what regulates the position of bed to fit any preferences and desires. At last, there’s obviously a cushion layer – the only 360’s similarity to regular beds. All three layers help create the most comfortable bed maybe ever.

Furthermore, the bed tracks sleep and analyses how well the sleep is based on a number of factors. The 360 also deals with snorers – if it hears any snoring, it automatically raises the head of the user, so that he would stop snoring. A special sensor at the end of the bed gathers all data and transmits it to a smartphone or to any mobile device. Using the app (available for iOS and Android devices), the user has access to operating and all sleep information, factored in the special score called Sleep IQ. Basically, it represents how good your sleep is.

Smart Self-Adjusting Bed

Smart Self-Adjusting Bed

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