Samsung Wallet Shape Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Electronics continues to experiment with flexible displays for mobile devices. According to a few patent applications, published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Korean company is planning to create a very futuristic device. It is a foldable smartphone which looks more like a wallet. A distinctive feature of this device isn’t the body but the internal part which consists only of the display module.

The device definitely looks like the embodiment of true innovation. Apart from the foldable display, Samsung fitted this concept-smartphone with a bunch of biometric sensors. Fingerprint sensor and retina scanner will be responsible for safety and user identification, while heart rate sensor and ECG detector will monitor and record health data.

Rumours about flexible displays have been swirling around Samsung for a while now. In June, there were talks about two possible releases in 2017. The device will be named Galaxy X and it will feature an “artificial muscle” which provides seamless folding. Even now, the rumours keep coming – Galaxy X will supposedly arrive in the second half of 2017. In any case, these are only rumours. Plus, there are certain development issues with flexible displays. Hopefully, this technology will finally come out, even if it’s not 2017.

Samsung and Their Flexible Smartphones

Samsung and Their Flexible Smartphones

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