Triple-Screen Razer Laptop, Specs and Features

CES is always an opportunity to showcase most outrageous and innovative gadgets. For instance, the company Razer presented their creation that could potentially be a revolution for the gaming industry. It’s a concept of a new laptop, fitted not with one but three 17-inch displays. This project has a code-name Project Valerie. Although there’s no guarantee that this laptop will eventually come out, the device sure looks quite compelling.

Triple-Screen Razer Laptop, CES 2017

Obviously, the laptop will be big, even enormous. The size will be impressive – almost 5kg of weight. After opening the main display of the laptop, the user will be able to unfold two other displays on each side. Both screens are securely fixed with special safety locks. As a result, there is a wide, three-part screen which provides 180-degree viewing angle for gamers. Each display was based on the IGZO technology supporting 4K resolution. Visual representation will be synchronized with the NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

Besides, the laptop has other technical specifications including 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, mechanical keyboard and an advanced cooling system. Other information is pretty scarce. Given that regular, one-display Razer Blade Pro costs $3700, the triple-screen device will be a much bigger price – around $6000. In any case, this is just a concept but undoubtedly, a very tempting concept, particularly for gamers.

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