Hi-Tech Shower System

A hot shower is a perfect way to get energized in the morning or relaxed in the evening. However, people often wait too long for water to get warmer. Fortunately, innovations can help even with that. The company Moen introduced a smart U Shower System which can controlled with a smartphone.

As any smart device, this one connects to mobile devices wirelessly – via Wi-Fi. The special Moen app (available for iOS and Android devices) offers a lot of innovative functions. Basically, the app serves as a digital control panel for the shower. There are 12 various settings which the user will be able to control depending on his preferences. For example, after a long, enduring training or a hot day, the shower can be programmed to give cold water. The same goes for especially cold days – the user can choose himself which water temperature he wants.

The highlight of this shower system is its ability to pre-heat water. Using only a smartphone, the user can start the shower from distance. After that, once the water reaches required temperature, a notification will be sent to the mobile device alerting the user. The system is able to maintain the water temperature for a necessary amount of time if the user wants to take a shower later.

Moen U system comes out for sale in March, 2017. Officially introduced at CES 2017, this innovative shower will be available for $1160-2200.

Hi-Tech Shower System

Hi-Tech Shower System

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