Compact, Functional Premium Multi Ports USB Hub

We all have numerous mobile devices and gadgets which require regular charging. Plus, to connect some of them to the computer you need cables, adapter or card-readers. But what if you had an accessory which could do all of that? Yes, this is possible due to functional Leather wrapped Compact Premium Multi Ports USB Hub.

This little device is perfect addition to your workplace or desk at your home. It doesn’t take any space at all because it has a size of small cube. Besides, it’s a very elegant element of your décor. The Hub is wrapped with genuine leather which gives this accessory a premium look.

But design isn’t the highlight of this Hub. Most importantly, it provides you with multiple charging and connectivity possibilities. It’s fitted with 3 USB-ports for plugging and charging any USB compatible device. Besides, the hub can be connected to the computer to draw power from it. Given that there are 3 ports, you can easily charge 3 of your devices simultaneously. Not only that, this little cube serves in this case as a bridge between your gadgets and computer. You’ll be able to seamlessly transmit files from your smartphone, tablet or flash drive to the computer.

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Moreover, the Hub has 2 microSD and 2 more card-reader slots. That way, all your data (files from smartphone or photos from camera) are accessible from the computer. You won’t need numerous cables or other accessories – everything will be packed in this miniature device.

All in all, this Leather USB Hub presents a great deal of features combining a few different accessories into one. This is an irreplaceable item for anyone who has multiple mobile devices because it’ll make your life much simpler.

Compact and Functional USB Hub

Compact and Functional USB Hub

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