Samsung’s Hi-Tech Washing Machine

CES 2017 is expected be overfilled with innovations and cool gadgets. One of the headliners of this event is, of course, Samsung. The company is planning a number of interesting presentations in all areas of electronics. One of them really captivated us.

Samsung will showcase a super-functional washing and drying machine, called FlexWash + FlexDry. The device is likely to the ultimate laundry solution for everybody. Firstly, it’s a washing machine with two different washers for clothes which can work simultaneously. The main one has the capacity of 5 cubic feet, while the other one adds 1 cubic feet more. Manufacturers say that two washers will allow users to load clothes with various colours without running the machine over and over again.

Samsung also adds a drying machine to the combination. It also consists of two zones: the main dryer and a Delicate Rack drying zone. The latter is actually quite intelligent – it can regulate the temperature depending on the type of fabric. All processes can be done with a smartphone. Using the Samsung Smart Home app, users will be able to operate the washing/drying machine from distance without even entering the laundry room.

Obviously, this device has a lot of potential. Samsung hasn’t yet provided any details about the release date or prices but FlexWash + FlexDry will be shown during CES 2017 which opens today. Perhaps, that’s where we’ll learn more information.

Hi-Tech Washing Machine

Hi-Tech Washing Machine



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