Apple May Reduce iPhone Production

Apparently, Apple’s management isn’t really satisfied with sales figures of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. What’s more, the company is taking decisive measures – in the first quarter of 2017 Apple will reduce the production of its latest smartphones. The reason behind it is actually sales results – they turned out to be lower than expected. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asian Review, upon this information from suppliers Apple will cut the production by 10%.

Earlier, Apple had the same issues with iPhone 6 and 6S – their production was reduced by 30% because of unsold batches. Compared to these models, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are still more popular but the demand is decreasing. Unfortunately, the company has failed to completely live up to fans’ expectations. Some fans anticipated something innovative, maybe even outrageous but the lack of such features contributed to low sales figures. According to one survey, less than a half of iPhone users want to buy the latest model. Apple, for its part, tried to increase iPhone 7 production after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco but this step didn’t bring any significant benefits to the company.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean the end of the world for Apple. The company still remains a key player on the smartphone market. Besides, numerous rumours state that Apple is preparing major launches in 2017 including highly anticipated and maybe even revolutionary iPhone 8.

Apple May Reduce iPhone 7 Production

Apple May Reduce iPhone 7 Production

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