Samsung Presents Quantum Dot Monitor with Curved Screen

It’s getting more and more obvious that Samsung is focusing strongly on CES 2017 to impress customers all around the world. Apart from mobile and audio devices, the company has also released CH711 – a curved monitor based on the quantum dot technology.

Two versions with 27- and 31.5-inch diagonals have great visual characteristics: high resolution (2560×1440), viewing angle of 178 degrees, and so on. Plus, all cables are conveniently concealed in the stand.

The technology isn’t brand-new – Samsung has been using quantum dots for a while now. In September 2016 the company showed two such monitors at IFA. A lot of people argue that quantum dot displays aren’t as good as OLED analogues. Both models have their advantages: OLED displays have a lack of light bleed and great blacks but quantum dot ones don’t have any lag issues.
Samsung Presents Quantum Dot Monitor

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Besides, they boast a better overall image quality, which makes them an excellent solution for designers and especially gamers. The 1800R radius is also something that catches the eye. Manufacturers say that the curve was made in such way that it follows the eye curvature. Samsung hasn’t provided any further information but both monitors will be showcased at CES 2017. In addition, the sales are expected to start not long after that.

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