Samsung Wireless Headphones, Galaxy S8

Having released iPhone 7 without a headphone jack and wireless earphones AirPods, Apple has definitely set a new trend on the mobile device market. Right now, many companies are working on their new flagmans and some of them won’t probably feature a 3.5mm jack. One of these companies is Samsung, which is preparing a double release in spring.

A lot of insiders believe that the upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8 will follow the footsteps of iPhone 7 and have no headphone jack. Plus, according to SamMobile, the smartphone will be accompanied with the Samsung’s rendition of wireless earphones – second-generation Gear Icon X. The earphones will be produced by the company Harman, recently acquired by the Korean tech giant.

Manufacturers claim that Gear Icon X 2 will have deeper integration with Samsung mobile devices, which will contribute to more energy efficiency. Users will be able to control the earphones with taps or voice commands. Other details are pretty scarce. But the company has to do a better job with battery time as the first Gear Icon X could work only for 1.5 hours.

The earphones are expected to come in a set with the Galaxy S8, which means that lucky buyers will have the earphones for free.

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