Hi-Tech Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

The production of robot vacuum cleaners appears to be quite beneficial for Samsung, as the company unveiled Powerbot VR7000, the latest addition to the Powerbot line-up.

VR7000 is the slimmest robot vacuum cleaner from Samsung. Apart from an elegant design, this vacuum provides efficient automated cleaning. It packs a great amount of suction power (20W), which is enough to clean all areas of the house, including uncomfortable spots, like corners or the floor under the furniture.

In addition, VR7000 is filled with smart innovations. Due to Visionary Mapping feature, the cleaner is able to scan the room and remember the location and contours of every piece of furniture or any other “obstacle”. If there are some especially dirty zones, the cleaner will do extra work there. All little items will be smartly avoided. Moreover, the Intelligent Power Control technology allows the cleaner to regulate the suction intensity, depending on the type of surface.

Like any other modern hi-tech device, VR7000 is wirelessly connected to smartphones or tablets. Using the special app (available for iOS and Android devices), the owner will be able to operate the vacuum cleaner from distance, make up the cleaning schedule and monitor cleaning history. Besides, VR7000 is integrated with the voice assistant Alexa, which means that it can be controlled with voice orders.

Samsung is going to be showcased at the CES 2017 which opens on January 5th in Las Vegas.

Hi-Tech Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Hi-Tech Samsung Vacuum Cleaner


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