Big Capacity Battery Phone Flagship Smartphone

The company Gionee introduced a new flagman Smartphone big capacity battery Phone – Gionee M2017. According to Gizmo China, the device received very impressive characteristics. Users will be presented with two design options, both of which are made of premium materials. The first one features a traditional metal body while the second one has an alligator-leather back cover.

The main feature of this budget phone is its battery. It has huge capacity (7000mAh) and consists of two smaller units, both with 3500mAh. Manufacturers assured everybody that the battery will be safe and reliable. After multiple incidents with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, smartphones with big batteries are checked even more often. In the case of Gionee M2017, though, everything seems to be all right, as 12 different battery parameters are controlled during charging. Users will be able to even charge another smartphone from this one.

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In terms of software, Gionee M2017 runs on Android 6.0 with the Amigo 3.5 skin. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor, the smartphone also has 6GB RAM and 128 (or 256)GB of internal storage. M2017 features a dual-camera system: on the rear side there are 12MP and 13 MP sensors with optical zoom and autofocus. The frontal isn’t bad too – it has 8 MP. Apart from that, the device is fitted with a fingerprint sensor in the Home button.

Gionee M2017 is hitting stores on January, 6. As we’ve said before, two versions will be available: metal for 1000$ and alligator leather for $2450.

Gionee New Smartphone

Gionee New Smartphone

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