Smart Glasses With Panoramic Camera

Startuppers from the USA invented a perfect accessory for travellers – Smart Glasses With Panoramic Camera. It’s called ORBI Prime and it’s a pair of smart glasses, fitted with a panoramic camera. The gadget allows users to keep their hands free while recording videos because the camera does it by itself.

Apart from being a stylish accessory, ORBI Prime records 360° videos in 4K resolution. The device has 4 built-in 1080p cameras, two on one end of the temples and two on the other. Plus, the glasses are equipped with a video stabilization system that minimize shaking and contributes to better quality.

As ORBI Prime is wirelessly (via Wi-Fi) connected to mobile devices, users will be able to immediately share their videos in social networks or send them to friends or relatives. The glasses work for about 90 minutes – that’s how long lasts the battery.

As we’ve mentioned, ORBI Prime should be especially loved by travellers. The device was made of polycarbonate and fitted with high-standard water-proof protection.
A special strap will secure the glasses on the head without letting them fall. Manufacturers add that the accessory can even be worn with sport helmets for video recording in the most extreme conditions. ORBI Prime received universal acclaim from customers, as the device had been fully funded on Indiegogo.

Smart Glasses with Panoramic Camera for travellers

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