Kiss-Delivering Smartphone Case

Imagineering Lab in London invented an extremely peculiar accessory – a new smartphone case which can help its owner transmit a kiss over a distance. The gadget has been called Kissenger – a combination of “Kiss” and “Messenger”.

Kissenger will eliminate the need of sending Emojis or video messages. Instead, users will be able to send real kisses. This case is fitted with an oval silicone area in the shape of lips. These lips have special sensors – they detect the movements of user’s lips when he or she is sending a kiss. On the other end, the case of the message recipient repeats these movements creating a virtual kiss.

Kiss-Delivering Smartphone Case

Manufacturers say that this device wasn’t only made for people in love – virtual kisses can be sent to family members or relatives. One of creators of Kissenger, Emma Yann Zhang, said that it’s about time people get closer to robots and AI, so being able to share a kiss will be very important. Perhaps, the same mechanism will be used for making robots in the future.

The company is planning to improve the device, so it could read the health data of the owner, like blood pressure and heart rate. Manufacturers hope that their creation will be as life-like as real kissing.

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