Smart Anti-Theft GPS Tracking Bluetooth RFID Wallet

Pickpocketing is a widespread crime, especially in big cities. When walking in a crowd or standing in the bus in rush hour, you always have to be careful because some dishonest thieves may easily steal your smartphone or a wallet. But modern technologies can help you protect yourself from pickpocketing.

It’s called Wallor Smart Anti-Theft GPS Tracking Bluetooth RFID Wallet and basically, it’s a smart wallet that will stop any pickpocketing at the spot. It’s not just a sleek, good-looking, even business-like wallet – it’s wirelessly connected to your smartphone to create an “unbreakable bond”. If the wallet gets at least a few meters away from your smartphone, built-in sensors will detect that and it’s been stolen.

Finding a lost wallet will be a lot easier – Wallor is fitted with a GPS tracking system, so you’ll be able to locate your item wherever it is. For that, of course, you also need to download the Wallor app (available for iOS and Android devices).Plus, the app can be used for storing all your cards, including business or membership ones.

Anti-Theft Smart Wallet

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Although Wallor is packed with all these hi-tech features, it doesn’t lack stylishness. It’s very slim, maybe, one of the slimmest wallets on the market. Besides, it features RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) material – a special blocking cloth, designed specifically for protecting your cards. Most cards are fitted with chips, so it’s possible to scan information off them. The RFID material in Wallor makes your cards undetectable to any scanners.

So, Wallor is pretty advanced safety solution for everyone. We all know that pickpocketing is a global problem, so it’s important to keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times. But your wallet does it by itself, that’s even better.
The device, by the way, can be pre-ordered in kickstarter.


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