Smart Surveillance System for Home Security

Home security is one the most important for everybody. Whether you’re away and you want to watch over your children and pets or you’re at home and something suspicious is happening in your backyard – in all these cases you need surveillance. Exactly for these purposes the company StarVedia provides you with a selection of plug-n-play IP cameras. Let’s look at some examples and highlight their advantages.

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IC727w is a fantastic outdoor camera. Waterproofness and ability to record at night are combined with high-resolution quality. All footage is saved on the SD card and backed up on Dropbox.

IC717HD. This indoor camera doesn’t only record footage – it allows you to speak to your family members and also detects anything suspicious (noises, increased temperature or a fire) and alerts you with a smartphone notification.

IC737w. An all-around camera for indoor use. Pan/Tilt rotation allows you to watch over everything with a wider angle. Plus, thermometer and PIR controls ensure safety of your home. When something alarming is detected, you’ll immediately know about it.

IC711w. Two-way audio, two sensors for day and night, cloud storage, event scheduling and smartphone notifications – this camera has everything you need.

IC731z. Apart from all regular features, this camera is fitted with Z-Wave technology – an innovative wireless protocol that allows you to control and monitor all Z-Wave devices at your home, like door locks, lightings, electronic appliances, and so on. Together these devices compose a Smart Home network that makes your life more comfortable.

StarVedia Smart Surveillance System

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