Flagship Smartphone LG V20, Price and Specs

LG isn’t just a consumer electronics company. The company is very much involved in the smartphone market, being one of the leaders among Android smartphone makers. That’s why we’ve decided to review the latest LG flagman – V20.

Design wasn’t the main concern of LG V20 creators but it still features high-quality materials. The body is made of aluminium alloy and there are polycarbonate top and bottom edges.

However, the main advantage of V20 is its functionality. The smartphone is fitted with two displays. The main one is LCD, 5.7-inch, high-resolution monster, protected with Gorilla Glass 4. But there’s also a second display. It’s located beneath the top edge of the phone and used for operating various functions. It’s a bit like Touch Bar on new MacBook Pro – an extended controlling panel.

LG V20

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As for the software, V20 has some solid characteristics. Running on the latest Android 7.0, the phone has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of inbuilt storage. Accompanied by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, this whole package contributes to high productivity of the smartphone.

In the camera department, V20 resembles its predecessor V10. It has a dual 16 MP sensor for standard and landscape angles. The standard one delivers very detailed pictures, while the landscape camera is able to take wider shots with a slightly worse quality.

SO, LG V20 is made for real, keen smartphone users. It’s not the most expensive device and not the best in terms of specifications but it’s one of the best smartphones of 2016 for experienced users.

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