Smart Sleep Gadget SleepPhones Headband

Do you like falling asleep while listening to music? A lot of people do because it helps them relax and fight insomnia. But there’s a problem – wired headphones. When you sleep, you move all the time, so if you have your headphones on, you’ll just get tangled. Wireless headphones aren’t quite suitable for that as well.
Fortunately, the company AcousticSheep has found a perfect solution for this problem – they made SleepPhones Harmony.

At first sight, you wouldn’t even know that this could be a technology device. SleepPhones Harmony looks like a regular headband without any fancy features. In reality, though, this is a very useful accessory. First of all, the headband wirelessly connects to your smartphone, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs without your annoying wired headphones. Instead, the headband has a couple of built-in, thin headphones, conveniently concealed beneath the cloth. This is an excellent device for some bedtime music. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t bother you at night. The headband can be for sleep as well as for other activities, for example, running or working out.

Smart SleepPhones Headband

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But that’s not it. As this gadget is used mostly during sleep, it also works as a sleep tracker. Its sensors detect the level of your sleep and regulate the volume and type of music. Besides, the headband analyses every movement that you make with your head at night to build your personal sleep pattern.

SleepPhones Harmony is a helpful gadget for a lot of people. Whether you have insomnia or you just love to listen to some tunes before going to bed, this headband will guarantee you an enjoyable music experience and good-quality sleep.

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