Refurbished Apple Watches Available

Although Apple remains the leader on the smartwatch market, there’s still a big problem for a lot of people – the price. There are other smartwatches with the same functionality for less money out there. The only way to save some money was a second-hand market but you can’t fully sellers there because they could easily fool any customer. Fortunately, there is now a better solution from Apple itself.

The company has officially announced that it starts selling refurbished Apple Watches. Initially, they will be available only in the USA but the market will be extended soon. The list of refurbished Apple Watches is presented on Apple’s official website.

In terms of functionality, refurbished Apple Watches aren’t much different from new ones. Before going on sale, they undergo another quality check procedure and get a unique body, identification number and one-year warranty. The latter comes into action after the activation of the device.

Officially refurbished Apple Watches will be sold for the following prices: $229-249 for Series 1 with Sport Band or $509 for Series 2.

Refurbished Apple Watches Available

Refurbished Apple Watches Available

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