Best Selling Two-in-One iPhone Lightning Cable + Flash Drive

Lightning cables don’t have a particularly good reputation. They aren’t the most reliable accessories – they wear out easily and sometimes even tear. Plus, if you’re an Apple fan, you probably have a lot of Lightning cables at home. But we’re going to tell about one accessory that will outshine any other cables with its functionality.

It’s called MemoriesCable Generation 3 and made by the company PhotoFast. The brand is actually famous for its data storage devices for iOS products. So, you can probably guess why MemoriesCable Generation 3 is so special – it’s a Lightning cable and a flash drive in one device. Most importantly, it’s a very reliable accessory. The cable is nylon braided, so it’s designed for multiple uses every day.

As we can see, on one end the device has a Lightning plug but the other is fitted with a flash drive. It suits for any files: pictures, music or movies. The memory cable can be used not only for storing your data but also for charging your smartphone from a computer or a power bank. After all, it’s a USB flash drive, so the USB 3.1 port can be plugged anywhere.

Functional Cable For iPhone

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To control your files and the device itself, you need to download a special PhotoFast ONE app (available for iOS and Android devices). The app offers all possibilities of MemoriesCable Generation 3. You can add any file from your smartphone’s internal memory to the flash drive without using a computer. It’s also good for making backup copies of your most important documents or pictures. Besides, the app gives you access to cloud storages, like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud.

So, MemoriesCable Generation 3 is pretty handy accessory for numerous purposes. You can charge up your iPhone and listen to your favorite tunes a watch a movie from the flash drive. Plus, it’s very durable – guaranteed to serve you well for a long time.

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