Active Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Anti-Sweat Headphones

When choosing headphones, people often think about ventilation. Nobody likes when ears get too warm and sweaty. This is especially important for fitness lovers who do regular trainings and sweat more often. That’s why for such activities you need special headphones. And Hellas Headphones from the company Urbanears is exactly that.

Hellas were designed for the most comfortable fit ever. Even while running, the headphones stay securely in place. The headband has an extra soft padding for even more comfort. Plus, the ear cushions are incredibly “tender”. But the most important part is how the headband and ear cushions fight moisture. Even during hardest trainings, the headphones won’t get too wet. Besides, after working out, you can take the cushions off and wash them yourself.

Urbanears Hellas On-Ear Active Wireless
Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Anti-Sweat Headphones

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Apart from comfort, Hellas features other impressive characteristics. These Bluetooth-connected headphones work with any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. The battery lasts for about 14 hours, which is quite enough for several training sessions. Also, the operation has become much simpler. You don’t need to look for buttons – a swipe interface is placed right on the headphone. With a tap of your finger you’ll be able to skip tracks, turn up the volume or even take a phone call. For conversing with your friends, there’s, of course, a built-in microphone.

Last but not least, the sound. Two 40mm handmade drivers provide users with powerful and well-balanced performance. The sound will definitely motivate you and keep you energized during the most intense work-outs.

So, Urbanears Hellas is an excellent music accessory not only for fitness fans but also for regular people. Style, combined with great functionality, will guarantee you a fantastic music experience.

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