Hi-Tech Addition to Home Security

Recently, we’ve written about a range of home security accessories from the company NextDrive, including the Cube, Motion and Thermo Pixi. But now, we’d like to tell you about another member of the NextDrive family – Nextdrive Plug.

This is a simple accessory with a lot of possible uses. It even has an ARM Cortex A9 CPU, so it’s like a mini-computer. But what could you use it for? First of all, it provides wireless connectivity between your smartphone and other devices, like a camera, hard drive or a CD-ROM. Just connect your device to the Plug with a USB cable, switch on the NextDrive app on your smartphone and here you are – you have access. Basically, a smartphone becomes a remote for other gadgets which can be controlled even from afar.

With a camera connected to the Plug, you’ll be able monitor everything that’s happening in your house. The video will be shown right on your smartphone screen. Connect a hard drive and you’ll be able to copy and store photos and other important files from your mobile devices. The cloud storage doesn’t need any registration as it’s your property. Plus, it’s protected with a few levels of security, so your files wouldn’t be seen by anyone else.

The Plug has another useful feature – it serves as a charger for your mobile devices. It packs 5V and 2.1A of power, which is enough for optimal charging of a smartphone or a tablet.

NextDrive provides its customers with a broad range of hi-tech accessories and the Plug is no exception. A small gadget can provide you with personal cloud storage, home surveillance and charging functions. It’s simply a magic little cube.

For more information: nextdrive.io

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