Hi-Tech Smartphone-Connected Thermometer

Thermometers are quite common medical items which can be found in every house. You just put it under your arm or in the mouth and it measures your body temperature in a minute. However, modern technologies can upgrade even that simple medical procedure. And we’re going to tell you about one unique gadget which will take temperature measuring on another level.

This little device is called Thermo and it’s made by the company Withings. Being medically approved, Thermo is simply the smartest way to control the health of your family members. Temperature measures have never been so easy – with one quick motion across the forehead you’ll be able to get the most accurate results. The clinical precision is reached due to the HotSpot Sensor Technology: 16 built-in infrared sensors which quickly locate the hottest point on the body. The results appear on the display instantly. Besides, the thermometer is quite compact, so you’ll be take it with you on the road to monitor your health.

Furthermore, Thermo is seamlessly synced with your smartphone, so all health data is displayed in the Thermo app. The app can serve you as a personal doctor – based on symptoms, it provides you with helpful advice. In addition, the app can be a very informative health journal. You can create a profile for yourself and family members (8 users supported), so that all the measures and health information could be in one place. This collected data could be very useful, when visiting a doctor – he’ll be able to see the temperature dynamics and prescribe right medicine.

All things considered, Thermo is pretty hi-tech way to take care of your health. This gadget is easy to use but gives accurate results. Thermo complies with the highest medical standards, which means that your health and the health of your family members will always be under control.

Hi-Tech Smartphone-Connected Thermometer

Hi-Tech Smartphone-Connected Thermometer

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