Smart Gadget to Connect Fellow Travelers With Each Other

Despite the rapid development of modern technologies, there are still places on this planet where you can’t get an Internet or mobile signal. This problem is particularly essential for hikers who can get lost, for example, in a forest, not being able to get in touch with other people. Thankfully, for all these travelling enthusiasts, one start-up created a great gadget – GoTenna.

This device will allow you and your fellow travellers to always be connected with each other even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Everything you need is GoTenna itself and the app on your smartphone. The same goes for everyone else. That way, GoTenna owners can build their own network without any satellites or signal towers. Travellers would be able to write text messages to each other while being off the grid. The range of the device is pretty impressive – almost 5 km (around 3 miles) between two people or even more, if relayed through others.

GoTenna Smart Gadget
Text & GPS on your Smartphone

Gotenna - Helpful Gadget For Travellers

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The app also provides you with other features. All the maps are very thorough, so you’d be able to request and share location information. Two GoTenna can basically build a conversation or even a broadcast using their gadgets. Besides, the app ensures security of all conversations – all the messages are encrypted and not stored anywhere.

If you’re planning a group adventure and you know you might off the grid for some time, GoTenna is a must-have gadget for you. With this helpful device, you’ll never lose contact with your friends, even in the darkest forests or on the highest mountains.

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