Apple Patented Smartphone With Pencil

Smartphones with big displays aren’t that surprising anymore, so manufacturers have to add something interesting. For example, notorious Galaxy Note 7 was pretty curious in terms of using S Pen stylus. But now, it looks like the main Samsung’s competitor, Apple, is going this direction as well.

Apple has patented a smartphone with the support of the company’s own Pencil stylus. The corresponding patent has been published on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. After the failure with Note 7, Samsung has lost a lot, including its strong positions on the phablet market. To restore them, engineers at Samsung will have to do plenty of work. But Apple is already prepared.

The patent application is quite long – 150 pages with illustrations of how the Pencil is supposed to be used with the smartphone. Obviously, there are regular features, like text writing, drawing or photo and video montage. New iPhone will be able to recognize the Pencil before it even touches the screen. After the user has made certain gestures with the Pencil, the smartphone will display the corresponding menu. Plus, the Pencil will contribute to better integration with the smartphone.

In any case, the concept seems quite interesting but it’s only a concept. We still don’t know for sure if Apple is really trying to enter the phablet market and revolutionize it.

Apple Patented Smartphone With Pencil

Apple Patented Smartphone With Pencil

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