Universal Hi-Tech Remote

In every household nowadays there are multiple electronic appliances and mobile devices. Almost every one of them requires a remote or a switcher to be turned on. But what if you don’t want to deal with 10 different remotes in your house? What if there were a universal device that could turn on your appliances?
Thankfully, there is such a device and it’s called MightyRC.

MightyRC is true innovation in a tiny package. Basically, it’s a small cylinder with a rounded top but it packs amazing functionality. Using infrared technology and motion detectors, MightyRC provides you with control over all your home devices. With a simple hand gesture, you’ll be able to turn on the lights, lower down the volume on your TV or switch off the air conditioning. Just move your hand over this gadget and it will react immediately.

Furthermore, MightyRC offers you all-around integration between your digital devices with its convenient and informative app (available for iOS and Android). One click on your smartphone – and you can turn on any appliance even from a distance. Various devices in your house can be controlled simultaneously with your smartphone only.

For electric appliances manufacturers provide you with outlet switches. That way, you’ll be able to operate all kinds of things in your house, like lamps, a fridge or a coffee brewer. A timer function will allow you program household appliances to switch at a particular time.

So, MightyRC is a fantastic hi-tech solution for making your everyday life a little bit easier. This miniature device unites all your appliances into an integrated web, so that they all can be controlled with your hand or your smartphone.

If you’re interested in this gadget, check out this mightyrc.com to learn a bit more.


MightyRC Universal Hi-Tech Remote


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