Smart House Security System

We’ve always been in a situation when we have to be away from home but still need to keep an eye on what’s going on at the house. There are many tech devices for that, for example, cameras. People install for them in order to always be aware of the situation back at home. But cameras are simple – we’re looking for something a little more hi-tech. Luckily, we’ve found a very functional device, even a number of devices, for the safety of your abode. We’re going to tell you about a bundle of home security gadgets from the company NextDrive.

We begin with NextDrive Cube. A smarter home hub – that’s how this device is described on its official website. This cubical hi-tech gadget has some impressive functionality. All you need to do is plug your Cube into the power outlet and connect to it your devices, whether with a cable or wirelessly. Wired connection suits the best for a camera – that way you’ll be able to see everything in your house from your smartphone even if you’re far, far away. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi allows you to create your personal cloud, so that you control multiple devices, using a smartphone app.

However, your personal cloud won’t be full without a couple of extremely helpful, additional gadgets from NextDrive: Motion Pixi and Thermo Pixi. The first one is usually attached to a door and its motion detectors will signal if someone is approaching the door. You’ll instantly get a notification on your smartphone in case of any suspicious actions.

The second gadget creates a comfortable environment in your house. It tracks temperature and humidity in a room and alerts you in any alarming situations. Due to the cloud, created by the Cube, all the information is synced with your smartphone or tablet.

To sum it up, NextDrive ( created a great range of hi-tech gadgets for home security. Together, these devices compose a “great wall of protection” for your house.
By the way, to see these devices in action, check out this video:

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